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About the 3G Training Centre

The 3G Training Centre aims to offer soft skills and technology courses to enhance the development of our clients’ key personnel. The ultimate purpose is to improve our clients’ business growth.

The Centre is headed by Dr. Daniel Wong and offers courses grounded in thorough research and study. We want to ensure that our clients gain the latest business and technological knowledge, practice and skills. We strongly believe that there is a need to evolve through time and this belief drives us to provide only the most current and useful solutions for the benefit of our clients.

The Centre strives to:

  • Generate and revive the interest of individuals in their respective job functions
  • Ensure that personnel gain the required business and technological knowledge, practice and skills to achieve organizational goals
  • Provide necessary technology and training solutions to aid organizations in their growth

mission and vision of 3G Training Center

3G Training Centre strives to be the primary choice of organizations as a professional partner and service provider in training.

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